“Duty is god”. “Duty First, God Next”.

but I feel, Employee First, Duty Next. Its very well known that the employee who is satisfied can give more than expected.

It is most essential that every organization and employee should consider the job satisfaction as the single most important thing which will progress the organization.

Defining work place environment is very difficult as each person has his own likes and dislikes, Work Place environment is now a days, bound between policies and protocols which are prepared by brainstorming.

work place environment is directly related to job productivity and job satisfaction.

in short, to be a rewarding job, one must be able to see the following things.

  • respect and politeness shown to all workers by the employer as well as coworkers.
  • reasonableness valued
  • antisocial behavior not tolerated.
  • realistic expectations by the employer and employee
  • smooth transition for any changes being implemented
  • trust, respect, openness, transparency, empathy, optimism and cooperation
  • seek the opportunities to realize your own capacities

Reasons for Job Dissatisfaction:

  1. you will be comparing  with your colleague who is working in some different company
  2. your colleague getting more benefits than you
  3. one of your relative is in more good position than you.

rub these statements from your life, its you not others. stop comparing to others, compare yourself is the best solution. because the day you started comparing to others, it  is the day you have negative feelings like jealousy.


Do what you enjoy, Do for the Good, Do it in perfect manner.

Work is worship and environment is depend on you, how good are you and how bad are you.

even in the hell, few people find the heaven, there is something natural driving force which runs us. the day you feel there is no natural drive to work, leave it. whole world is waiting for you.

adjusting is good, but taking risk is great.