• Mental illness caused by supernatural power and is the result of curse or possession by evil spirit
  • mentally ill people show bizzare behavior
  • mentally ill people are dangerous
  • mental illness is something to be ashamed
  • mental illness is not curable
  • mental illness is contagious
  • mental illness is hereditary
  • marriage can cure mental illness
  • mental hospitals are places where only dangerous mentally ill individuals are treated and restraint is a major form of treatment.
  • ECT/Shock therapy for all patients
  • mental illness can be cured by religious priests and some others…


mental illness occurs due to either imbalance in neurotransmitter levels, or pathological changes in brain and to some extent has genetic factor and is believed that environment and psychosocial adaptation of an individual plays a greater role. stress is believed to be most common cause of many mental illness.

mentally ill does not only that who are violent, but also who grieve for prolonged period, and who cannot adjust with family, colleagues and work. in short, whose daily living is impaired due to illness.

all mentally ill people are not dangerous. but the patients who are more aggressive, who have suicidal thoughts and antisocial personality disorder etc ., are considered as violent and need immediate attention.

mental illness is curable as like physical illness if its identified early and also can be prevented at all 3 levels of prevention- primary, secondary and tertiary levels

mental hospitals treat not only chronic patients but also acute patients as well as people with minor illnesses also on outpatient basis.

mental illness can show significant improvement if patient takes treatment as advised and attending therapy sessions, counseling etc.,

please come out of movie knowledge, ECT is the most reliable and effective treatment and there is lot of progress in ECT delivary. ECT is not for all the patients. ECT is given only to the patients who are unresponsive to all medications and therapies and are acute violent, suicidal tendencies etc.., only..

ensure to visit mental health clinic and avoid all misconceptions.