Nurses are prone to stress daily because of their duties, and problems in their personal lives, and changes in biological rythms due to change in shift of duties, work place violence, exposure to the infections e.t.c., . so its important to care for themselves by following some stress reduction techniques as follows:


  • Get to know your body so that you can recognize the first signs of stress
  • Learn to relax. Deep breathing is a natural relaxant
  • Practice simple relaxing exercises
  • Exercise, take a brisk walk, run and play / dnace to stimulate blood flow
  • Learn to smile, laugh& to balance work and recreation
  • Learn to worry effectively by doing something about it( talk to others when you trust)
  • Learn to accept things and people. Some situations are beyond your control. Change your attitude toward the situation
  • Take one thing at a time. Assure way to become overwhelmed is to find yourself in the middle of a number of assignments.
  • Try to avoid getting angry


Brief relaxation should be part of everyday

Exercise :

  1. Take 5 minutes 3 times a day
  2. Sit comfortably and close your eyes
  3. Concentrate on bringing to mind a picture of the most peaceful setting you have experienced
  4. With each breath say to your self “relax, relax”
  5. With practice you can let your thoughts and problems float away for a few minutes


Meditation can produce a inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system, thus reducing the effect of chronic stress by producing a state of hypo-metabolism.


Criticare2003ICU book,9th annual conference of the Indian society of critical care medicine