Projection: seeing the inside in the outside
Denial: saying it is not so
Splitting: the world composed of polar opposites
Blocking: transient inability to remember
Regression: returning to an earlier stage of development
Somatization: physical symptoms for psychological reasons
Introjection: the outside becomes inside
Displacement: source stays the same, target changes
Repression; forgetting so it is notretrievable
Isolation of affect: facts without feeling
Intellectualization: affect replaced by academic consent
Acting out: affect covered up by excessive action or sensation
Rationalization: why the unacceptable is OK in this instance
Reaction formation; unacceptable transformed  into opposite
Undoing: action to symbolically reverse the unacceptable.
Passivve aggression : passive non-performance after promise
Dissociation: separating self from one’s own experience.
Humor: a pleasant release from anxiety
Sublimation: unacceptable impulse into acceptable channel
Suppression: forgetting but it is retrievable.